Recipe: Green pepper fried oil residue

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper fried oil residue



  1. Oil residue is the fat residue of lard

  2. Put a little bit of lard in the pot, then put the oil residue into the pot, stir fry a few times, then pour a little water into it, basically fill the normal oil residue, and slightly soften the oil residue for a while.

  3. When the water is dried, it is not enough to see the oil. If it is not enough, add lard, and the amount of cooking can be used. The oil residue is pulled to the side, the garlic slices are placed in the pan, the incense is scented, the green pepper is slightly stir-fried in the pan, and the oil residue is pulled back together and stir-fried. With salt

  4. Add a little bit of water. After a while, the water is dried and the green pepper is broken.

  5. a little MSG seasoning


The oil residue from the lard is fried at home! ! ! Super delicious! ! ! ! ! If the oil residue is skinned! ! ! Start by putting more boiled softness! ! ! Otherwise you can't bite! ! ! ! Also, when refining pigs to fry fat meat, it is necessary to cut the fat meat according to the cut of the pork belly, so that the fried oil residue is the most ideal, this! ! This is not cut. . TUT ! ! !

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