Recipe: Green pepper egg buns

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper egg buns


Oh, every time we go to Xiaochuan near our home, the masters are made round and eaten for us. Today, I also came to show it.



  1. Wash the green pepper and cut it into small diced diced, marinate it with salt for a while, and pour off the water.

  2. Stir the eggs evenly, stir the chopped green pepper and add the pepper and chicken and sugar.

  3. Pan to oil, pour the prepared egg into the pot, turn the pan and evenly spread the whole pot.

  4. Cooked in medium heat, must wait for the whole egg liquid to form, and have a certain degree of toughness, in order to turn the noodles. This process must be patient.

  5. After the two sides are fried, you can enjoy it in the pan. The taste is especially tender and tender.


The role of sugar is to make the egg taste softer and sweeter.

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