Recipe: Green pepper, carrot, fried sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper, carrot, fried sausage


Originally wanted to make green pepper fried pork, without shredded pork, cooked sausage slices instead. This dish is simple, fast, and ready to go!



  1. Cook the sausage and remove the slice after cooking. While cooking the sausage, you can wash the green pepper carrots and slice the onion ginger.

  2. From the pan, sauté the onion ginger

  3. Under carrot slices stir fry

  4. Green pepper stir fry

  5. Sausage slices stir fry

  6. Add a little salt to taste, add a little bit of soy sauce to flavor, then stir fry for a while until the green peppers and carrots are cooked.


If you are afraid that carrots are not easy to cook, you can lick them first.

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