Recipe: Green pepper, beef, willow, oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper, beef, willow, oyster mushroom


Just stir it, then it’s delicious, it’s a good meal, just write it.



  1. Mix cooking wine, salt, sugar, a little old soy, black pepper, starch and beef fillet.

  2. Dry the pot to heat, then pour in the oil, pour the marinated beef tenderloin into the black pepper sauce and stir fry. When it is cooked, remove the beef tenderloin. The sauce inside does not need to be fished.

  3. Pour water, salt, chicken, sugar in the sauce in the pan, then pour the oyster mushrooms into the fry, fry until the oyster mushrooms become soft, then put the beef and green peppers into the fry, the fire is the sauce can

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