Recipe: Green pepper beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper beef



  1. Beef cut well with pepper, raw flour, soy sauce, spare

  2. Green pepper oblique section, onion diced

  3. The oil is hot. Put 1 whole garlic, smell the scent, immediately put the beef, stir-fry, discolor the onion, stir-fry

  4. Then season with salt, and finally stir the green pepper a little.

  5. Green peppers, green and green, don’t fry too old

  6. Add chicken or MSG

  7. carry out


Beef marinated with pepper does not need to put ginger. Pepper can go to the smell. The time of pickling is that after the beef is evenly caught, the side of the dish is cut off and the other side dishes are cut. ! ! The whole journey must be fast! The fire is burning fast. Stir fry!

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