Recipe: Green pepper basil fish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper basil fish soup


Green pepper, basil and fish. Absolutely good taste.



  1. Cut the fish a little bit of salt on the surface, cut the green pepper diagonally, chop the ginger and garlic, and cut a few knives.

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, green pepper section and a little garlic into the pan stir fry, green pepper will become very green, almost 5 mature can be fished out, spare.

  3. Still this pot, add some oil, then fry the fish into the pan. The epidermis is slightly golden.

  4. Ginger garlic into the pot, slightly fragrant in the oil on the side of the pot, do not turn the fish over.

  5. Put water in the pot, the height of the water should be submerged in fish, add a little milk, a little bit of soy sauce.

  6. Then the fire will boil, turn to the small fire and cover the lid to cook.

  7. The water receives the amount of soup you need, then pour the basil and fried green pepper into the pan for a minute or two. Try salty enough to add salt, then put a little pepper, MSG or chicken.

  8. carry out.


1. If it is a big fish. For example, grass carp and the like, cut into pieces according to recipes. If it is a small head, such as squid, directly break the belly to take the internal organs, and then put a knife on the fish body to wipe the salt, the same way. 2. Green pepper must be put in the end. If you put it first, it will cook badly and the color will not look good. 3. Add milk to make the soup taste more mellow and thicker. It can't be eaten with milk.

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