Recipe: Green pepper and potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper and potato


A very simple dish is that the potato is hard to cut. In fact, I doubt that what I cut out is silk.



  1. The potatoes are shredded with water and the dried peppers are cut into sections.

  2. Cut the green pepper into a hot pot and stir fry until it is slightly soft. Don't put oil on it!

  3. After the oil hot pot, put the dried chili peppers into the frying pan, pour in the drained potatoes and stir fry them quickly. Add the green peppers, chicken, a small amount of soy sauce and vinegar (like the bite of potato chips).

  4. Put a proper amount of salt and stir fry before serving.


The potato silk must be soaked in water to prevent oxidation and blackening. The potato silk that has not been soaked in water is prone to a feeling of smudging during the stir-frying process~

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