Recipe: Green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper


Green pepper and intestine is a famous Han nationality dish, which belongs to Lu cuisine. Spicy and delicious. Put the fat in the water and cook until it can be poked with a chopstick. When cooking, add some salt and let it slowly taste. After the water is opened, pay attention to the end of the fat sausage and give it to the green pepper. Cut, cut into strips, slightly thicker. Green peppers are best to buy spicy food. If it is not hot, you should have dried chili. Garlic also needs to be cut into two kinds of granules and tablets. The ginger is cut into silk, and the fat intestines are removed from the water and cut into pieces by a hob method, which will be delicious.



  1. The intestines are soaked in water for 20 minutes.rAdd the flour and keep it clean.rAdd the salt and keep it clean.rAdd the white wine and wash it.rrThe impact of water turns the intestines over.rThe turned intestines are also washed in the same way to remove white oil and lymph, and white oil can not go.

  2. Add the onion and ginger in the water and put it into the intestines and boil for 1 hour. Cut the spare.r

  3. Cut the green pepper. Put the oil in the pan and fry the intestines.rAdd onion, ginger and garlic to saute, add green pepper. Stir fry and season with salted sugar chicken.


The fat intestine is also known as the pig large intestine and pig intestine. Pig intestines are used to transport and digest food. They have strong toughness, are not as thick as pork belly, and have the right amount of fat. According to the function of pig intestine, it can be divided into large intestine, small intestine and intestine. Their fat content is different, the small intestine is the thinnest, and the intestine is the most fat. 1. Soak the pig intestine in a light salt vinegar mixed solution for a while, remove the dirt. Then put it in the rice water for a while, then gently wash it twice in the water. 2. Turn the pig's intestines over, then chop the washed onions, put them together according to the ratio of onion and intestine 1:10, until there is no greasy feeling, rinse with water repeatedly, the odor is removed. 3, washing the pig intestine with sauerkraut, only twice, its odor can be basically eliminated. 4, the fat sausage with a half-can of cola for half an hour, and then washed with rice water, can quickly wash away the smell of the large intestine.

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