Recipe: Green egg noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Green egg noodles


It was rainy today, and the vines and orchids were moved to the window. There was a small raindrop coming in, and the room was stained with some mud. Hu Qin is the most lyrical instrument, tearing the heart with the dark tone of the room. The time when the rain fell, like an old silent film, reminds people of the texture of memory, color, sound, taste, smell, sometimes the soft moonlight of the night, sometimes the grandmother's rough and dry hands Sometimes it is the first jasmine in the morning, sometimes it is the warmth of a bowl of egg simmering... It is smudged with a little light, and it shines straight into your heart.



  1. Egg fried into poached egg

  2. Put oil in the pot, stir-fry the onion, add water, boil the noodles

  3. Seasoning with soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken powder, etc.

  4. When you are cooked, you can put eggs, ham and other noodles, and the vegetables can be cooked.

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