Recipe: Green bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Green bamboo shoots


Green bamboo shoots should be a favorite of my family. Some people don't like the taste of green bamboo shoots, but I love it very much. Haha. ❤️



  1. First of all, of course, pickle the meat and add a little cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, and small powder. Put a few more ginger and mix it for about ten minutes. But pay attention to not too much soy sauce, it will be very dark. My picture is too much. And I put the old pumping. There was no soy sauce at home. Also be sure to add water to add a little more to submerged the meat. This meat is tender.

  2. The second step is to sprinkle some salt in the chopped green bamboo shoots and mix well.

  3. The pot of oil is almost a minute after the start of the smoke. Throw the sliced ​​ginger and stir the ginger. Don't fry too long for a minute.

  4. Then put the meat and stir fry until it starts to change color.

  5. Put green shoots and stir fry for a minute or two. It doesn't take long.

  6. Sauce the salt and spread the chicken. Prepare the pot. I personally prefer to put chicken essence in addition to salad dressing. Others are chicken essence. If you like it, you can also put MSG.

  7. You're done. Sorry, the process has not been taken.

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