Recipe: Green and red pepper mixed with tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Green and red pepper mixed with tofu


The tofu that I used to eat often mixed with tofu is delicious. Later, when I knew that tofu and green onion would affect the absorption of calcium, I changed it to mix with tofu. The same is a combination of spicy and mild light, which brings an unusual experience to the taste buds.



  1. The garlic is chopped and chopped. Green peppers and red peppers are cut into circles. A gentle friend of tofu can be crushed with a chopstick spoon, as rough as I sometimes get started.

  2. Salt, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar together. The soy sauce is less than vinegar, and the salt is determined according to the salty taste of other seasonings.

  3. Put the garlic, pepper, and seasoning together on the tofu, mix and mix, and eat.


Look at your own taste, you can also add oyster sauce and chili oil to the sauce. Or reduce some, in fact, only the three basics of salt, vinegar, sesame oil are also very delicious.

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