Recipe: Green and red pepper fried vegetarian

Home Cooking Recipe: Green and red pepper fried vegetarian



  1. Green pepper and red pepper cut into silk

  2. Put a spoonful of oil in the pan, pour in green pepper, red pepper, konjac stir fry for 2, 3 minutes, season with soy sauce

  3. This dish is spicy and crisp, very delicious.


Tips Konjac is a low-calorie, low-protein, high-vitamin, high-dietary fiber food with peculiar health effects and medical effects. It is known as “magic food”. Eating konjac can improve the body's immunity, and also has the effects of calcium supplementation, balanced salt, stomach, whole intestines, detoxification, and weight loss. Konjac powder can be made into a variety of vegetarian foods and is available in supermarkets. I use the ear of the pig, the taste is very crisp.

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