Recipe: Greek yogurt sauce (Zaziki)

Home Cooking Recipe: Greek yogurt sauce (Zaziki)


Recently, it’s so popular to go to Greece. The blue sea-white house is beautiful. If you don’t go to the bird, then you can make your own simple Greek food at home. Look at the beauty of others and imagine that the trip to Greece is not bad. 嘻嘻



  1. The cockroaches inside the cucumber are not too hydrated.

  2. The garlic cloves are cut with a knife. The garlic can also be crushed with a garlic press.

  3. Put the cucumber and garlic into the bowl and put in the olive oil and yoghurt.

  4. Finally, put the salt and pepper and fennel leaves and mix well.


After the preparation, the Greek yogurt sauce can be stored for 2 to 3 hours before eating. All the ingredients can better evaporate the taste they should have. The sauce can be coated with bread, baguette or taro, or when I have tried the barbecue sauce. The taste is also great. I want to eat how to eat.

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