Recipe: Grease stewed cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Grease stewed cabbage


Grease, commonly known as compressed meat, is taken from the abdominal muscles of pigs. It is made by degreasing and pressing, supplemented by salt and MSG. “Fat residue” originated from the private sector and is a special food that is easy to make, nutritious and has a strong taste. The fat residue absorbs the essence of folk food in the Jiaodong area for more than 100 years. Inheriting the traditional fat residue, rich in nutrients, rich flavor, and excellence, select the adult pig lower chest muscle as a raw material. Salted with MS and MSG. Do not add any chemical flavors and preservatives. On the basis of rich flavor and good taste, the fat residue has a unique flavor of fresh meat and delicate taste. The fat residue is selected from the abdominal muscles of about 500 grams per adult pig, and is developed by the secret recipe. “The taste is smooth, crisp and not greasy”, and it has a feeling of endless smell on the cheeks.



  1. First, slice the leaves and scallions of Chinese cabbage, slice the onions, and cut the ginger.

  2. Boil the oil, onion ginger

  3. Put the cabbage in the pot and stir-fry for a while~

  4. Put the leaves on and fry for a while, add some simmering oil, salt (not too much)

  5. Add water, boil, then put high soup or thick soup

  6. Then put the grease in it and simmer for 10 minutes.

  7. Can put a little powder

  8. This soup is thick and delicious, and the fat residue is crisp and crisp.


high calories! high calories! Strong weight-increasing drugs, don't eat too much. However, as you know, the unhealthy general taste is very attractive... Qingdao specialties. Dear! Give praise!

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