Recipe: Gravy, tofu, tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Gravy, tofu, tofu


After eating the marinade left over from braised pork, it is not as simple as bibimbap; you can use it to make the next dish and become the surrounding of braised pork.



  1. The oil tofu is washed with boiling water, squeezed into water, placed in a wok, poured into braised pork marinade, and added with appropriate amount (depending on the amount of marinade). The fire is boiled and simmered for at least half an hour;

  2. After the oil tofu is boiled and saturated with the marinade, it is seasoned according to the salty and light; the other is fried in the oil pan, the pancakes are placed, and the tofu is marinated in the marinade.


Oil tofu is an easy-to-smelt ingredient. It is very tasty when cooked and boiled. It is especially suitable for re-processing with rich marinade. This is a good way to make home-cooked food economical and delicious. It is described by family comments: the taste is very harmonious. .

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