Recipe: ★ gravy overflowing ★ Japanese fried chicken nuggets

Home Cooking Recipe: ★ gravy overflowing ★ Japanese fried chicken nuggets


The most popular fried chicken nuggets on the cookpad. I have already done this according to this recipe, I don’t know how many times, every time I have a big success (^^♪



  1. The chicken leg is cut into a bite size. Take a larger fresh-keeping bag, add the chicken leg meat, add the seasoning of ○, and knead the chicken leg meat through the fresh-keeping bag to mix the seasoning. Marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  2. Take an egg, scatter it into a fresh-keeping bag and knead it. This step is also best placed for 30 minutes, if there is no time, go directly to the next step.

  3. △ Put in a fresh-keeping bag and knead and mix. (If you want a more crisp taste, take a clean bowl, add △ to mix, then take the chicken pieces one by one to absorb the water, put it into the flour starch mixture in the bowl, wrap it and fry)

  4. 170 ° medium temperature fried chicken nuggets.

  5. Fry until the color feels so bad, take out the chicken pieces and leave it for 2~3 minutes.

  6. Change the fire to raise the oil temperature to 180 ° or more, and then add the chicken pieces to the golden color.


1. The chicken pieces are fried twice to make the inside juicy and the outer layer crisp. 2. In the original recipe, the wine is put in 2 tablespoons. I don't like the wine taste too obvious, it reduces 1 spoon. If you don't mind the taste of the wine or are sensitive to the smell of raw oysters, you can put 2 tablespoons. 3. Eggs can be put more and not less, which is related to whether you can successfully produce crispy shell of fried chicken =w=

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