Recipe: Grass berry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Grass berry wine


Recently, Germany is super hot and there is no air conditioning. It is a torment to do anything at home. In the afternoon, I used the wine to cool off, to have a cold wine, and then went to take a nap. Wake up is a cool night :) Strawberry wine is super simple Suitable for your own drink, friends gathering, two worlds and other occasions Got on the table, occasionally loaded with x essential drinks



  1. Wash the strawberries, remove the green stalks, rotate with a knife, dig the roots, put them in a bowl, and sprinkle with sugar for 15-20 minutes.

  2. Sparkling wine in the refrigerator, refrigeratedrThe taste will be very good at around 11 degrees, you must bring gas, there are many kinds of supermarkets, you can choose your favorite taste (I use peach flavor)

  3. Put a strawberry in a larger cup, pour the wine, lick, succeed


Fruit wine can be bought in the ice sharp, there are many kinds of supermarkets Strawberry marinated for a long time, it will be sweeter, pickling time according to personal preference

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