Recipe: Grapefruit yogurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit yogurt


The first time I built the recipe was so nervous, it was because the grapefruit I bought was sour, so I wanted to add some sweetness. It turned out to be quite delicious~ It seems that yoghurt is not a good choice, but there is honey... as long as there is a "carrier" that can add honey - _-# Ok, it is a strange star...



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the yogurt in the bowl

    Put the yogurt in the bowl

  2. Put the peeled grapefruit into the bowl

  3. Add honey

  4. Stir and stir, this step can crush the grapefruit and look like it

  5. If you like, add some cranberry or grapefruit without stirring on the surface, and finally the sauce is purple.

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