Recipe: Grapefruit wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit wine


Absolutely kill everything outside the grapefruit product. I used to like grapefruit juice when I went outside, but after I did it myself, I found that the grapefruit juice outside was a cloud. (The reason I will say later) The grapefruit wine outside is delicious, but it is not good. There is a cup in the summer afternoon, and the sisters have a party, absolutely comfortable! !



  1. Grapefruit juice is squeezed into the cup. (This step is very knowledgeable. First of all, I took the juice manually, cut the grapefruit into eight pieces, and took the juice in the baby juicer separately. Then I took it off with a knife and dropped it into the cup. I can get almost one. Grapefruit is not wasted. The bar uses the IKEA-style manual juicer, the grapefruit is all two and then the juice is pressed down, which is convenient and quick, but less.

  2. Pour in the shochu. (Japanese-style shochu is good, I use the real shochu shochu in the whole family supermarket. I can't drink the wine, I don't know the difference.) How much shochu looks at the personal taste, because the grapefruit will cover up the taste of the wine, the girl Don't drink too much, you will get drunk.

  3. Add sugar and ice cubes. It doesn't matter if you can't get saccharified. The more you drink, the sweeter it is.


The fruit of the yellow grapefruit is attached to it with chopsticks. There is also the need to shop around, the price of grapefruit varies greatly. The time I wrote recipes was the cheapest for Lotus, and basically a grapefruit was only 6 yuan.

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