Recipe: Grapefruit vinegar and basil mixed with okra yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit vinegar and basil mixed with okra yam



  1. Boiling water and okra can be taken out for about 30 seconds to cool off. If you like crispy taste, you can reduce the length of time and add ice water immediately after fishing. But be sure to cook it~ It is not recommended to cook for too long to become soft and sticky, and the yam mud taste is too close to no contrast! After cooling, cut a thin piece, the thickness is not too big (the key is thick and not good)

  2. Buy a very thick kind of crispy yam that can be eaten raw. It is the kind of blueberry yam that the restaurant does. Wash and peel the skin into a food bag with a rolling pin or something else! (Be careful not to smash the fresh-keeping bag). It doesn't need to be evenly mixed into mud. The taste of yam mud mixed with a small amount of yam crisp is better! Of course, if you like pure mud, you can also like your own preferences~

  3. The perilla leaves are washed and cut into filaments.

  4. Pour the yam mud into the pot, put the okra slices, crush the basil, and pour the grapefruit vinegar. When you eat it, just dig it at the bottom. The grapefruit vinegar is vinegar, soy sauce, grapefruit juice, miso, broth and so on. The blended zephyr seasonings have a distinct grapefruit scent and are ideal for summer salads.

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