Recipe: Grapefruit Lime Punch Punch

Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit Lime Punch Punch


In English, punch is the meaning of punching with a fist. And punch (Punch) can only be said to be a gentle "old boxing" It is said that Punch’s name began in India and was later brought to the world by the British. Then it has been improved all over the world. Simply speaking, punch is an alcoholic beverage. It has no fixed formula and is usually made up of fruits, juices, red wine, etc. As long as you like, you can combine casually Add the wines in your home, whether it is rum, red wine or homemade fruit wine, as the base wine and add the fruits and juices of the season. With a little bit of thought, you can make a cup of your own punch. It will definitely make your friends feel amazing at family gatherings. In addition to giving you plenty of room to play and create space, Punch Can also take care of the needs of each season Because it can be both cold and hot In the hot summer, you can add enough ice, go down, fresh and cool. It can also be heated after drinking in winter. Just like you cook a pot of fruit tea at home, just add some alcohol inside, absolutely warm heart warm stomach Punch is so gentle, sweet, moderate but not drunk Detailed steps are shown here:



  1. The grapefruit is cut in half, half of the juice is half cut and the flesh is cut into small pieces.

  2. One lime juice is sliced ​​and sliced

  3. Prepare a slightly larger container to mix the grapefruit juice with the lemon juice

  4. Pour carbonated water and bayberry wine into the juice and add the grapefruit pulp and lime slices to the ice cubes.

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