Recipe: Grapefruit juice black tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit juice black tea


From the book of the most popular flavored black tea by Isomoto, in order to protect the copyright, the amount of materials used in the recipe is omitted. In fact, the amount is not too much attention, you can experiment on your own. Black tea can also be as beautiful as a cocktail. For those of me who are so eager to drink and who can't stop the beautiful form of cocktails, the flavored black tea that can sip is really cool.



  1. Inject the grapefruit juice into the glass.

  2. Add the syrup and mix well.

  3. Put in pieces of crushed ice until the glass is seven full.

  4. Gently inject iced black tea and finally decorate the grapefruit pieces.


1, juice can be used freshly squeezed, you can also use 100% juice drink, the corresponding need to adjust the amount of syrup. 2, about the type, concentration and production method of black tea for making iced black tea, the book also has a detailed explanation, interested friends can go and find it.

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