Recipe: Grape swiss roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Grape swiss roll


Yesterday at noon, Ke made another old mistake, refused to eat, and took a sip! I feel it is necessary to improve this situation, so I decided not to eat Ke for dinner! From the beginning of lunch, Ke did not eat anything. When we finished the dinner, after the shower, he began to say that he had to eat dinner. I told him that he could not eat anything today. This is a punishment for his bad meal! Ke seems to understand me! For the rest of the night, Ke was not stable, and he was always arrogant. He wanted this for a while, and I wanted it for a while. I know that he is hungry! Until 12 o'clock, he slept, and I insisted on not giving him anything to eat, although I had baked the cake roll after dinner. Usually, Ke sleeps very uneasy, and it’s only awkwardly lying on the pillow yesterday! Looking at his poor appearance, I am very sad! But I know this is good for him! I hope he can experience the taste of being hungry and can eat well in the future. I hope Ke can understand! This night, I was destined to sleep well. At two o'clock, I couldn't help Ke and I ate two cake rolls for Ke!



  1. Take the squeezed grape juice and salad oil, and mix the 20G sugar evenly, mix it with oil and water, and dissolve the sugar completely.

  2. 90G low powder sieved into step 1

  3. Add the egg yolk in step 2 and mix well. Mix well with egg yolk paste.

  4. Protein is added to 60G sugar three times, and it is neutralized to foam. This is protein paste.

  5. Mix the protein paste and the egg yolk paste evenly. First, remove 1/3 of the protein paste and put it in the egg yolk paste, mix it with the egg yolk paste, and then mix the remaining protein with the egg yolk paste. Mix it or mix it, and do not circle. To prevent defoaming

  6. Bake the oil pad, put it into the cake paste, and gently drop a few times to shake out the big bubbles and enter the oven. 180 degrees and 20 minutes or so

  7. Put the strawberry jam on the baked cake, roll it into the refrigerator, and cut it into small rolls when you eat it.

  8. The top of the sliced ​​cake roll is also covered with strawberry jam, then sprinkle with coconut and serve.

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