Recipe: Grape sweet

Home Cooking Recipe: Grape sweet


When I was a child, my oldest family loved to make this meal for children. It was sweet, delicious and easy to solve. Occasionally, when I saw the sweet potato powder, I took it back and couldn’t wait to make a bowl.



  1. The raisins are soaked in warm water and washed.

  2. The sweet potato powder is first mixed with some cold water. The specific dosage is uncertain. The powder can be moistened and kept thick, so that it does not agglomerate during the next brewing process.

  3. Slowly add warm water, heat it with medium and small heat, pour in the raisins, stir constantly, until it becomes transparent and thick, you can turn off the fire.


1. Sweet potato powder can also be replaced with lotus root starch. 2. Cool water does not need too much, you can dilute it, do not have powder. 3. The ratio of powder to warm water is uncertain. It can be based on personal preference. If you like thicker, you can reduce water, or increase the amount of powder. If you like a little, you can drink more water. 4. Do not stir during the heating process to prevent agglomeration or sticking.

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