Recipe: Grape sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Grape sauce


A matching recipe made with grape juice



  1. Wash the grapes and put them on the steamer

  2. The remaining grapes are about 200 grams, plus maltose and rock sugar in an acid-proof pot.

  3. Heat the medium and small heat until stirring. Add honey when it is sticky.

  4. About a couple of hours, mashed into a sticky jam

  5. I used 400 grams of grapes and made 400 grams of grape juice. There are about 15 jams.


I used 400 grams of grapes, made 400 grams of grape juice, and the jam was about 150ml. Everyone chooses the dosage according to their needs. It is best to choose a seedless grape, so you don't have to remove the grape seed before you do it. Don't throw the grape skin, so the taste of the jam is better.

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