Recipe: Grape juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Grape juice


The general grape juice is not clear enough. So I learned a recipe on the Internet that can make beautiful grape juice.



  1. Wash the grapes. Usually I will use starch~ pick it up and weigh it.

  2. Put the same amount of water as the grapes in the steamer, or you can have more grapes. See if you want a darker or lighter grape juice. Put a clean tweezers on the steamer

  3. Put the grapes on the hazelnuts and steam on.

  4. After the water is turned on, change to medium heat and steam for another 10 minutes. During the steaming process, the juice will flow through the scorpion into the water below.

  5. Pour out the beautiful grape juice. Drink sugar sugar as needed.


I chose the grape without a child, because the remaining grapes used to make the jam do not need to remove the grape seed. But the grape variety is specifically forgotten... you can choose the darker color at will.

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