Recipe: Granola yogurt cup

Home Cooking Recipe: Granola yogurt cup


When I go to school here, our project is to take care of the rice~ (Private projects are so proud! Local people pay the same tuition fees with us~ Go out to the hotel with more than four stars~ Let me scream) Saturday breakfast The most sought-after is a yogurt oatmeal cup, which was thought to be overnight yogurt oatmeal, and later realized that it is granola yogurt! In fact, it is the tube aunt who does it himself, layer by layer, put some fruit and put some nuts~ The granola I use is homemade. Please poke this recipe:



  1. Find a lovely glass with a layer of granola on the bottom and a layer of yogurt.

  2. Sprinkle a layer of granola and pour a layer of yogurt.

  3. Make a few layers according to your own preferences and the size of the container. Finally, put fresh fruit and nuts on top!


Do not leave it for too long after you have done it, and enjoy it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the crunchy taste of granola will be greatly reduced.

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