Recipe: Granola (granola)

Home Cooking Recipe: Granola (granola)


The recipe is updated several years later! Newly written the most basic granola formula for oil-free low-card, welcome to try ~ = = = = Frequently seen problems: 1. About the unit: cup is Refers to a measuring cup, the measuring cup is a volume unit, about 240ml. For specific conversions, please check them yourself. Volume and weight units cannot be directly converted. The physics of junior high school should be known and the density is different. 2. Agglomeration: Granola will have agglomerated, and the piece of cereal is loose. It is muesli (assorted cereals 87% 8C). If the block is big, you will poke and cut it twice. 3. Do not put xxx lines can not / what taste: the material of the small seasonings you are free, of course, the taste is not the same, but granola is a very casual family, you can create your own. 4. (You can also choose to mix directly, but if your brown sugar agglomeration is severely stirred:) Recently, I made granola in China. I found that brown sugar and honey are not heated and oatmeal is difficult to mix. I did not pay attention to it before, Fangzi will make changes: It is recommended to mix the oil, brown sugar, salt and other seasonings first, then melt the sugar and then pour the oatmeal to mix evenly. If it is too thick, add a little water to dilute it. 5. “Do you want to wash the oatmeal?”.... Can you buy oatmeal that needs to be washed now? ? ===== The recipe is from Laura Vitale, and her Laura in the Kitchen on youtube is the most popular food instructional video. Laura is 25 years old and was born in Italy. She lives in the United States and marries the Americans. I opened a restaurant myself, made a video, and it was very hot, and the recipes were simple and delicious. This is her first prescription. I have done it for the third time today. I added it myself. As usual, I reduced the oil. The last point of honey is almost half of the prescription. It doesn't matter. Very casual approach. But it is extremely fragrant, in the kitchen, on the body, every time it is done, it is a sweet taste. Granola is actually roasted oatmeal + roasted nuts + various dried fruits + honey + brown sugar + random seasoning (such as this time I added coconut), laura also often said that you are the king in the kitchen, just look at yourself. The original party is from her own website: I halved all, increased or decreased. There are many materials, but it is very good! Remind, I use a very large oven in foreign countries, how many liters can not be seen, but if it is a small household oven, such as a dozen or twenty liters, please continue to reduce the amount on my basis, or Bake twice.



  1. The oven is preheated at 150 degrees Celsius / 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the operation behind is very fast, remember to warm up in advance~

  2. Take a large bowl and mix the oatmeal with all the nuts and coconut. Modify the practice (you can also choose to mix directly, but if your brown sugar agglomeration is severely stirred:): Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, oil (or other flavoring powder you like), if it is too thick and add a little water Dilute, heat until the brown sugar melts and pour the oat nuts into the mixture. ----> I found that many of my friends didn't look carefully and mixed the fruits in advance. . . After forty minutes, you can only eat the black-focus version of the dried fruit, especially reminded.

  3. Still pouring honey in this small bowl, there is such a sequence as a small tip: the bowl is hung with oil, the honey is poured in, the volume is good, and when it is poured out, it is oil-lubricated and will not hang the bowl.

  4. Add vanilla extract at the same time. Stir well with a rubber knives. This is the initial completion.

  5. Take a large baking tray, slightly deeper (such as 2-3cm deep), lay down tin foil or non-stick paper or various papers... pour the mixture of 4 into the baking tray and smear with a hanging knife Just a little more, about 2cm thick, into the oven!

  6. The baking time is 40 minutes, but the baking pan should be taken out every ten minutes in the middle, and the scraper is used to prevent uneven heating. You can also see how it is baked. Judging the temperature and time according to the temper of your own oven~

  7. When the time is up, let it go out for 5 minutes, then pour the dried fruit into it. (You can also chop some, feel free, I cut it directly with scissors for less brushing...) Mix evenly, put it in a sealed container after it has been completely cooled. save.


Important note: It is too troublesome / to be familiar, the wet and dry parts are mixed separately, and then the two are mixed. =======Granola is good to eat. When I was under great pressure, I even held the jar in the middle of the night and chewed it... but it was too wasteful. Later I regretted it and gave myself to myself. Do other molar snacks. The combination I recommend is homemade yoghurt + fruit (such as kiwi, pineapple,, use 啥, cut into small pieces and throw yoghurt) +granola, I will also have a cake of my own baking recently. Eat very happy ~ ~ In addition, you can continue to process Granola bars (; Granola Muffins ( /episode.php?episodenumber=366)...I highly recommend Laura's various recipes, it's really simple and delicious~

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