Recipe: Grandmother's smiley potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Grandmother's smiley potato


The signature food of Hangzhou Grandma's family is also called Potato Cupid. I have done this as a failure, because the soft collapse, the taste is not the same. But I hope that everyone will study together and upload the practice of Zhenzong.



  1. Slice the potatoes and steam on the pan.

  2. After the potatoes are steamed, they are cooled and mashed into mashed potatoes.

  3. Salt, salad oil and corn starch are added to the mashed potatoes. The ratio of starch to mashed potatoes is 3:1, and the dough is kneaded.

  4. Knead the dough into a large cake about 0.5 cm thick.

  5. Take a small mouth cup and buckle it on the pastry, and take out the small round cake.

  6. The remaining side is cut again and then cut until the cake is used up.

  7. Flour the dough before and after the flour, then poke two eyes on the small cake with chopsticks and poke a mouth with a spoon.

  8. On the oil pan, the small fire blows through.

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