Recipe: Grandma's home braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Grandma's home braised pork


The recipe for braised pork is a lot of stickers, and I am interested in different practices. This is the signature dish of my grandmother's family. Although it can't be copied exactly the same, some qualities can still be reflected.



  1. Pork belly cut into 2cm square pieces, scallions knotted, ginger slap flat; put the meat into the pot, add cold water to boil, remove, rinse with warm water;

  2. Put the meat into the casserole, pour the Huadiao wine (enough to have no meat), add the onion, ginger and seasoning. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire and cover for 2 hours. Finally, the fire can be slightly simmered.


The unique feature of the grandmother's braised pork is that it only uses Huadiao wine, without adding a little water; this method is similar to Dongpo meat, the wine is rich and the entrance is not greasy; the southerners do mostly do not use the octagonal spices, etc. Habits depend on it.

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