Recipe: Grain soy milk rice paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Grain soy milk rice paste


(Unit: 220kcal =1 bowl / 400g) Nutritious cereal breakfast! ~~~ * You can also add two enucleated red dates (about 10 to 15 grams) and 10 grams of gelatin powder. * Black grain can make up the kidney, yellow millet is warm stomach and spleen, glutinous rice spleen and dampness, plus spleen and stomach. * Peas contain natural phytoestrogens, which can also help the girls adjust the balance of female hormones, and have cosmetic effects~ *If you use jaundice, angelica, and ginseng soaked in water, you can raise the qi and blood to the explosion~~~~



  1. 1, 60g rice and beans are washed clean

  2. 2. Add the soymilk machine and add 380ml of water.rSoak overnight (the finished product is relatively finely mushy).rOr you can also do not soak, the finished product is more grainy.

  3. Choose the 'bean paste rice paste' file, 15 to 20 minutes just fine.


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