Recipe: Grain rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Grain rice



  1. Separate red beans from other rice and grains.

  2. Wash the soaked red beans and start adding more water. When the red bean skin becomes wrinkled, the water turns red and turns off the fire, and the red beans are removed, and the red bean water is not thrown.

  3. Wash all the rice and grains, put them into the rice cooker, add the water before cooking the red beans, add a little salt, and start the cooking in the coarse grain mode.

  4. After cooking, stir the rice evenly, sweet and soft glutinous rice is ready, let's move!


1. The red bean water added when making the rice is one-fifth less than the normal rice, that is, the same amount as the grain. 2. Adjust the amount of grain rice according to your personal preference. 3. This step of boiling red beans can also be cooked with a rice cooker, which saves time.

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