Recipe: Grain-cut honey red beans (rice rice cooker version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Grain-cut honey red beans (rice rice cooker version)


Refer to the rabbit happy black bean, because it has been done too many times, then try to add honey and rock sugar to make honey red beans, I will try to change the recipe. Then do a few more steps



  1. Water and rock sugar are cooked together to melt.

  2. Add a spoonful of honey and mix thoroughly.

  3. Wash the red beans and drain.

  4. Drain the red beans into the cooled honey rock sugar water and soak for one night.

  5. Turn on the rice cooker and do it as you cook it. Just jump up. Basically, moisture will be absorbed. Honey red beans can be used to make bread, taro, cake, very convenient. I am doing it myself, or adding milk tea is not bad.

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