Recipe: Gradient girl watermelon juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Gradient girl watermelon juice


I made watermelon milk this morning, the amount was not enough. I added a milk with a gradient. The gradient pink is too young, I like it, and the watermelon milk is delicious. So I finished all of it. Slag, did not take the color of the gradient is very clear, everyone do it yourself, the finished product will definitely make your girl heart burst ~ ~ Supplement: Thanks to the kitchen friends, some people say that pure milk plus fruit is not good for the body, if you mind If the girls remember to change into the original yogurt 呦 (I don't really like the taste of the yogurt, this juice does not feel uncomfortable after drinking, and usually does not drink often, so I don't mind, everyone according to their own Actual choices, if you care about health, you must change into yogurt. After all, if you care about one thing, it is not delicious if you drink it~~) In addition, people with poor stomach and cool body should drink watermelon as little as possible. ~~



  1. I have just put milk and watermelon casually. If the color is light, try to put less milk at the beginning. Anyway, the watermelon juice is juicy, not afraid to make it thick.

  2. Milk and watermelon (pick the seeds in advance) and throw them into the broken machine. The minimum speed is about six or seven seconds. ~~~

  3. Pour the watermelon milk juice into the glass. Remember, only pour half a cup, then rush the milk into the glass with half a cup of watermelon milk. The pink watermelon milk will go up, and the gradient pink will come out~~ ~~


You don't have to use a broken machine. Anyway, you can make a watermelon milk juice machine~~ But the broken machine is really more delicate than the average machine~~

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