Recipe: Grace's Black Tea Spice Hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Grace's Black Tea Spice Hurricane


The Earl's elegant bergamot aroma blends with exotic spices to create a sophisticated, tempting aroma that is recommended for black tea & fragrance lovers. Fang Zi excerpted from: Higuchi Hiroko "Welcome to Grace West Point Black Tea Time" Mold size: 20cm hollow hurricane mold



  1. Preparation: The protein is placed in the refrigerator for storage; the tea is beaten into a broken tea with a blender (if the tea bag is used, this step can be omitted); the powder and sugar are sieved and then mixed with crushed tea leaves.

  2. Slowly add water to the egg yolk, mix with the egg beater, and add salad oil to mix evenly.

  3. Add the sieved powder and sugar in 2 portions and mix well with the egg beater.

  4. The protein is sent to a small sharp corner.

  5. Cover the batter of [Step 3] on the surface of the protein and mix well with a spatula.

  6. Pour into the mold and bake at 150 degrees for 45 minutes. After the furnace is released, the mold is reversed until it is completely cooled.

  7. Add some cream that is sent to 7 points for a better taste. (Please ignore the cream I used to over-head ><)


[1] Mold selection: I used the rabbit's 17cm hollow mold, and there are still some batters to make two cupcakes. [2] About tea: If there is no earl grey, you can also use citrus tea to replace it. But please don't use the origin tea or the ordinary Lipton tea bag, the bergamot fragrance is the soul of this cake>< [3] About spices: If no ginger powder can be omitted, cinnamon & nutmeg powder can be appropriately increased according to personal taste.

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