Recipe: Grace chocolate cake roll (no oil, no low powder version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Grace chocolate cake roll (no oil, no low powder version)


Grace's chocolate cake is very famous. This time, I made a cake roll like the method of chocolate cake. The girl who has no oil and no low-powder, and can't control her mouth can finally find some comfort. And the most amazing thing is that the cake is very delicate, the taste is warm, and it is delicious. (Because the SLR is at home, I have to use the mobile phone, please understand the slag map), and I am using an 8-inch square cake mold.



  1. Prepare the mold, then place the baking paper in the mold and melt the 20g chocolate with 5ml of milk.

  2. Add 10g white sugar to the egg yolk and mix well, then add the melted chocolate and mix well. Stir and then stand still on one side.

  3. Protein and lemon juice, sent to the hair at a medium speed. Put the remaining 10g of white granulated sugar and send it to 80% of the hair. It can be foamed with a small angle.

  4. Then pour the sieved cocoa powder into the protein and stir the stirrer at low speed.

  5. Pour the egg yolk chocolate paste into the protein and mix well with a spatula.

  6. Pour the batter into the mold, put 1cm hot water in the large baking tray in the oven, put the mold in the water, and bake for 30 minutes in the water bath at 165 degrees.

  7. After the oven is released, let it cool, apply the cream, and roll it into a roll.


The sugar in the square has been reduced, so that the cake has a bitter taste of chocolate, please do not reduce the sugar. Also, if you don't like the students whose cake rolls are too thick, you can use the three eggs to make 8 inches. I personally think that I am a little thick. In addition, this cake body is super-soft and good, so good to burst, how to toss will not break, haha.

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