Recipe: Goulash soup hungarian beef stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Goulash soup hungarian beef stew


This is a common beef stew soup in Germany and Hungary. It is very delicious. The first time I tasted it was the Christmas of the previous year, at the friend's house in Germany. However, the contact has been broken early. The soup is still very good.



  1. Cut the burdock, carrots, potatoes, onions, and garlic into small pieces. The burdock is washed and wrapped in dry starch and seasoned with a little black pepper.

  2. Put the stove on the pan, add a small amount of olive oil, and fry the sirloin until it is brown. Take out the spare

  3. In addition, deep-bottomed soup pot, add a little olive oil, pour the onion, garlic into the incense, add carrots, dried chili (without potatoes!!!), if you like, you can add chili foam. Add a little basil and thyme and fry for 10 minutes until the vegetables are soft.

  4. Pour the broken tomato and beef soup base. If you use thick soup, please use 1L of water to open it.

  5. Slow fire for 1.5h

  6. Add potatoes, season with black pepper and salt, lemon juice, continue to stew for half an hour

  7. Put the soup into the dish and add a small amount of sour cream.


Very fragrant, although it is also red, it is definitely not the taste of red soup. Little friends have to believe me~

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