Recipe: Gorgon seed and bamboo shoots dried big bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Gorgon seed and bamboo shoots dried big bone soup



  1. The bamboo shoots are soaked the night before, and the water is changed to softness the next day. After washing, the yellow water becomes very shallow.

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  3. The middle of the big bone is broken, and the water is soaked for half an hour. Then it is boiled in cold water containing ginger and pepper. It can effectively remove the blood and floating foam and then remove it.

  4. Put the water in the casserole until it is slightly warmed, then put the big bones, tamping, dried bamboo shoots, coix seed jujube and ginger into the pot. After the fire is boiled, simmer for one and a half hours to two hours.

  5. Before the fire was closed, I put a few green bean sprouts, one is good-looking, and the other is to further increase nutrition.


1. Put ginger and seasoning in the water to remove the cockroaches, and let the light fragrance of ginger and seasoning stay in the bones of the meat; 2. The reason for the cold water flying water is to maintain the nutrition of the meat. If the raw meat bones are directly put into the boiling water, the nutrient loss is serious and the meat quality will be old; 3. The water must be placed at a time, and no water can be added in the middle, otherwise the taste will be bad; 4. When you simmer slowly, try not to uncover it. This is mainly to make the scent always swirl in the casserole and not lose it. The soup and the stewed dish are delicious. I opened it once in the process, in order to take pictures, haha 5. After the soup is out, it is recommended to put the salt and stir evenly, then cover it for a while, so that the fragrance can fully penetrate, the meat will be tender, and it will not be hot.

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