Recipe: Gorgon fruit, lotus seed, lily, and wolfberry soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Gorgon fruit, lotus seed, lily, and wolfberry soup


Efficacy tamping: solid kidney phlegm, spleen and stagnation, Lishui soaked lily: Runfei cough, clear heart and soothe the lotus seeds: spleen and diarrhea, kidney and kidney clear, nourishing heart and nerves: liver and kidney eyesight summer heat good This cooking method uses fresh lotus seeds and lily, because it is produced in summer, if there is no fresh, dry goods can be used, but the taste is different.



  1. Fresh lotus seeds are removed from the core, fresh lily cuts and cut ends are separately opened, and freshly simmered and cleaned separately with water.

  2. I use a ceramic pot, burn about 3000ml of water, fill the water with the palm of my hand, and open the water and the lotus seeds. Cook for 5 minutes on low heat and cook for 15 minutes, then put the lily for 2 minutes. Pot, then put the sugar and simmered after the pot, simple and delicious, the amount of food can be frozen in the refrigerator, the taste of cold is not bad ????


No fresh, dry goods can also be soaked for 4 hours, cooking time can be extended for ten minutes

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