Recipe: Gorgon fruit and Chinese yam soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Gorgon fruit and Chinese yam soup


This group of glutinous rice yam yam has been in existence since ancient times and is highly respected by many famous doctors. The effect of this porridge: supplement the blood and reconcile the spleen and stomach. The usual food, even those that can increase blood and blood, we want to get its nutrition, we must first put some blood to digest it, but for those who are too weak, this blood can not take it. Come out, and yam, glutinous rice, and glutinous rice, but they do not need our extra expenses, but can directly supply our good medicine. Yam, glutinous rice, and medlar are the brothers who seek the same kind of spleen and stomach. But when used, each has its own focus. The yam can make up the five internal organs, and the spleen, lung and kidney can be taken care of. It also has the power of convergence. Glutinous rice, spleen and clear the lungs, benefit the water and benefit the stomach, make up the clear, to get wet and turbid.芡 ,, spleen and kidney, stop diarrhea, the most convergent ability. Specifically, the efficacy of this porridge is: 1, spleen and stomach: yam glutinous rice glutinous rice porridge qi and blood, spleen and stomach effect is recognized, Chinese medicine believes: spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood. Therefore, it is the foundation of health to regulate the spleen and stomach! 2, Bushen Yijing: The kidney is the essence of the day after tomorrow, the essence, the gas, the god is the three treasures of the human, the yam is nourishing and solidifying, and the sputum is not only the sperm, but also the sperm, the yam芡 搭配 is the perfect choice for replenishing kidney essence. 3, dampness and dampness, spleen and lung: the main effect of glutinous rice is to spleen and dampness, spleen can make up the lungs, dampness can be phlegm. Therefore, glutinous rice can also be used for lung heat, lung and lung disease. Used with yam, it complements each other and lacks complementarity. Yam, glutinous rice are all clearing the spleen and lung medicine, but the yam alone, long lost in sticky, glutinous rice alone, long lost in light osmosis, but the aliquot is used for a long time without the disadvantages, the body has moisture, such as Lye, edema, eczema, abscess, etc. are related to the problem of muddy water in the body, glutinous rice is your best helper. 4, longevity and aging: yam is called "the god of the food", "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" is listed as the top product tonic, glutinous rice is called "Yi Shou's Xiandan", 芡 则 in the medical book records "long-term food fortune life". Xiaoyu's Taobao shop has a daily package of ingredients for this porridge. All of them are selected from Tongrentang's medicinal grade materials. Copy the link below to the browser to open it. Http://



  1. Rinse the three ingredients with water, then put them into the rice cooker, add water according to the amount of water in the porridge, soak for one night (more than 10 hours), then cook the porridge function of the rice cooker until it is soft and rotten.

  2. If the digestive function is very weak, you can use the cooking machine to make a paste and drink it, which can help digestion and absorption.

  3. Insist on daily morning and evening, after 20 days, you will feel a very obvious change in your body.

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