Recipe: Gorgeous Spicy Hairy Crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Gorgeous Spicy Hairy Crab


It is always believed that the crabs are not as delicious as the crabs. In the fall, countless hairy crabs are collected, steamed and eaten, and the feeling of this complex taste is filled in the mouth.



  1. The hairy crab clam block (directly on the half cut), a little bit of starch on each side, a little starch on the body. Slices of onion ginger and garlic slices, shredded shreds. Cut the dried chili into small pieces.

  2. Heat the oil in a hot pot (slightly a little more), lightly blow up the hairy crabs, take a little oil, and have a little gold color to serve.

  3. If there is more oil in the pot, pour it out a little. Leave the base oil and sauté the dried chili and pepper. After the scallions, ginger and garlic, add the fragrant and add the red oil to the Pixian bean paste.

  4. Under the crab, cook the white wine to simmer, add a little sugar and oyster sauce. Continue to stir fry, add a little hot water to the crab half.

  5. Wait until the water is almost dry, try to taste less and add a little salt. You can get out of the pan after the stir fry.


1. Crabs are cold and must be put more ginger when they are fried, that is, they will go to the sputum and neutralize the chill. 2. When oil is used for cooking, it will not produce a lot of water. 3. Sticky starch is used to prevent the crab meat from being fried when it is too oily. The starch can lock some of the raw juice inside.

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