Recipe: Goose wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Goose wings


This recipe was slightly modified on the recipe of the goddess Xiaoru, changing the sugar candy to yellow flakes, because I think that the yellow flakes are more goose meat, and the square can be used to lick the duck wings.



  1. Inject water into the pot, add goose wings, pour rice wine, boil for a few minutes, remove and rinse.

  2. Put the ginger in the hot pot, add the spices, then add the goose-wing stir fry, then add the soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, white pepper and stir fry evenly, pour the beer into the fry for a minute or two, and finally pour Go into clear water without goose wings, put in yellow flakes, and simmer slowly.

  3. After about 40 minutes, it will be good soon (try the taste in the process of sputum, add some soy sauce if you don’t have enough taste, adjust according to your own taste), collect the juice from the fire, add sesame oil, turn off the fire and put the cooked sesame seeds.


It’s very important to collect juice. It’s good to get good finished color.

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