Recipe: Goose egg fried skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Goose egg fried skin


Husband bought some goose eggs, I don’t know what to eat, so I used it to fry the skin, super delicious.



  1. Pour the goose eggs into the bowl and mix well (the inside can be mixed with some chopped green onion), add a little water, so that the fried goose eggs will be softer. Pour the oil at the bottom of the pot, pour in the egg liquid and stir fry until golden brown. Do not fry the old and affect the taste. Stand out.

  2. The powder can be soaked in advance, the bottom of the pot is left with oil, put a few large pieces of material, a small piece of ginger, a small pepper (not like spicy or not), stir-fry the flavor, pour the amount of bean paste, sweet noodles, fuel consumption, Smell the scent into the right amount of boiling water, pour the small pieces of powder into the pot, if you want to color, you can pour a little soy sauce or soy sauce. After the fire is turned on, turn to a small fire until the powder is cooked.

  3. The skin is covered with juice, but don't take it too dry, and the water is not too big. At this time, pour the fried goose egg into the pot and stir fry together with the flour. Add a little green pepper and garlic cloves, add a little parsley, and stir-fry it. More tasteful.

  4. Savor the plate, open to eat!

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