Recipe: Goose dessert practice

Home Cooking Recipe: Goose dessert practice



  1. Prepare the material, mix 100g of powder and 10g of raw powder, mix a small amount of sugar, and mix 10g of raw powder for a while.

  2. Hot noodles: flush the boiling water into the mixed powder (must be the boiling water just boiled in the pot) and stir it with a chopstick to make it a snowflake. Try not to have a dry noodles, and cover the baby for 5 minutes.

  3. Heat the hot noodles evenly, and divide the remaining small amount of raw powder into small portions.

  4. (You can add two drops of vegetable oil) and then simmer, gradually turning into a dough with a uniform texture.

  5. Place in a container, cover with a damp cloth, wake up for about 10 minutes, then take out a small piece of dough, knead the strip, and knead it into a small dose.

  6. Also take some very small powder and raw flour and add a small amount of carrots and mashed into orange dough.

  7. Shape: Take a piece of dough and knead it into different shapes of swan, take another orange dough, pinch out the goose's mouth, and finally make eyes with black sesame

  8. Steam on the pot for about 8 minutes, put it in the plate

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