Recipe: Good-sweet snail powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Good-sweet snail powder



  1. Follow the instructions to cook the rice flour first. The requirement is to cook for 10 minutes, but I usually cook for 7-8 minutes. Then drain the pulp (that is, pour the water from the rice noodles) and let the cooked rice flour stand for use.

  2. Explain that it is necessary to add 500ml of water to boil the brine~ I usually add less water~ This soup is more concentrated. I think 400ml or so is enough. Then boil the water and put all the seasoning packs in! Spicy oil all under! adore! Then cook for 1 minute~ then add your favorite ingredients! I like to add cheese sausage and crab willow here. After cooking for 2 minutes, add the previously cooked rice noodles for 3 minutes! Because of the previous step, I specially cooked for 3 minutes! Just to cook with the marinade in this step ~ more flavor!

  3. Add lettuce, fried bells (all my favorite ingredients!), pour the yuba peanuts in the seasoning bag hahaha ~ then turn off the heat for 30 seconds. The delicious and heavy-duty private custom-made snail powder is ready! ! very delicious! !

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