Recipe: Good morning, rice cooker version of fat-reducing grains and porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Good morning, rice cooker version of fat-reducing grains and porridge


Nowadays, the polished rice noodles are all over-polished and polished, which is very easy to digest. It has not been as hungry as it was in the 1980s and 1990s. Rice, wheat itself is rich in B vitamins and rich in minerals, but most of these nutrients are destroyed during mechanical processing. The polished rice noodles contain almost no fiber, eat into the body, and are quickly digested and catabolized, which will cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly, stimulate the release of insulin into the blood, and then the blood sugar will quickly decrease, so it will soon be hungry. Therefore, replacing part of the white rice with coarse grains changed the taste and was more hungry.



  1. Wash the cut, cut the grain, wash the grain

  2. If all the beans are recommended to add some rice [TIP1: Because the rice is sticky, the magnifying rice is mainly to increase the consistency of the porridge. If it is all beans, it is easy to boil and separate the water to form the upper layer of the water. 】

  3. Put the cut grain and washed grain. If you want to drink salty porridge, you can add a thick soup broiler hen soup base. If you want sweet porridge, you can put sugar directly. If you like pure taste, you will not put any ingredients. [TIP2: Because the soup is very delicious, you don't need to add other seasonings. 】

  4. Rice cooker porridge program, you can drop two drops of sesame oil when you cook. [TIP3: If your rice cooker has an appointment function, it is strongly recommended to put these in the evening, then make an appointment. When you get up in the morning, you can have a hot porridge. In the autumn and winter, you will find a bowl of super comfortable, the appointment function can not be wasted.]

  5. [TIP4: If the previous water is released, it will turn into rice soon after cooking. The remedy is still there. It is cool or white or pour in water. Mix it more and let the porridge water mix to the desired consistency.] TIP5: If the water is too much before, the taste is too light. The remedy is to add some salted chicken oil to the pan. After mixing, adjust to your favorite saltiness.]

  6. [About the formula] Every time you upload the works, there are written [About the introduction and function of all kinds of grains and grains]. I have written in the 'Alternative Grain and Soymilk Matching Formula', the address goes [→https://www], you can check it yourself, not repeating it here.


About the appointment function: 1. My is a beautiful rice cooker, the model has been forgotten. In recent years, rice cookers are generally reserved for a fixed time to start eating instead of starting work. For example, I will make an appointment at 11:00 in the evening and eat at 7 in the morning. Then I can make an appointment for 8 hours. I can do it after 8 hours (that is, 7 am). 2. If your rice cooker is only 8 hours after the appointment (ie 7:00 in the morning) before starting work, then you have to change your appointment for a long time.

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