Recipe: [Good morning in Beijing] Caraway and carrot porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: [Good morning in Beijing] Caraway and carrot porridge


After eating sesame toast and a lot of cheese in Egypt for two weeks, when I returned to Beijing, I only wanted to drink a bowl of hot porridge. Although the aroma of carrots and celery is not everyone's favorite, but for me, this bowl of porridge is full of nature and fresh breath. This porridge is also very fast, as long as ten minutes, there is a smooth and good taste! Recipe component: 2 servings



  1. Rinse rice glutinous rice, add appropriate amount of water, and cook rice porridge. I usually cook at night, then press the 'insulation' function.

  2. After the morning, the celery and carrots are cleaned. The celery is minced and the carrots are cut into small pieces. (I like to eat carrots and celery, so I will cut it a bit. I think the carrots are very sweet.)

  3. In the small pot, simmered in white porridge and opened the fire. Add carrots. note! The key steps to make porridge are here! From this step, stir the porridge quickly and quickly, and you will find that the porridge will soon melt like a melt.

  4. After the carrots are cooked to the softness and hardness you like, add the parsley. This process is still stirring constantly. (3, 4 two steps together for five or six minutes)

  5. Finally add a little salt, chicken and sesame oil. Stir well and turn off the heat. A bowl of very refreshing smooth vegetable porridge is cooked!


1. I use the Panasonic mini rice cooker, the function of porridge is general. Therefore, I usually press "porridge" at night. When I get up in the morning, I press "cooked porridge" again, and I will sleep back to sleep. When I wake up, I will be more silky. o(╯□╰)o2. If you like to eat carrots harder, celery and carrots can be put together. 3. Sometimes there are mushrooms in the refrigerator, I will also take two slices into the porridge, then do not put chicken.

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