Recipe: Good diet to lose weight - no sugar, tomato juice, kidney beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Good diet to lose weight - no sugar, tomato juice, kidney beans


One of the good recipes for weight loss! ! The reason is that there is no sugar, no oil, soy products can be eaten casually. Still worried about not eating any food with white sugar during weight loss? do not worry! It can be sweet without sugar. --- The secret is stevia leaves! ! ! Artifact Sweetness is 200 to 300 times that of white sugar. There is almost no heat! ! This recipe has never been used since it was lost. No doubt, cure the food~ PS. I haven't updated any recipes recently. The reason is that you can't eat sweet! ! ! But Dukan is really useful. Hesitant children’s shoes can be decisively tried~~~



  1. Soybeans are soaked. (bubble in the morning, soak in the afternoon, soak in the night)

  2. In the rice cooker, add soy sauce, mustard sauce, stevia leaves, tomato pieces, onion pieces, and soy beans. Add water to cover the soybeans a little

  3. Press the rice cooker. If you dry quickly, add some water.rUntil the beans are soft and thick, the juice is thick.


I bought a canned tomato that was sugar-free. If you don't buy a sour tomato diced, 4 pieces of stevia leaves, I use tomato to make it sweet enough (I don't believe you can drink with a piece of water to try it 200 times sweeter than white sugar) Lose weight comrades don't use sugary ketchup, high sugar content Well, I’ve got so much.

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