Recipe: Gongmao shrimp skin laver soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Gongmao shrimp skin laver soup



  1. Seaweed, shrimp skin washed with water, drained with chives, sliced ​​with lettuce, sliced ​​with lettuce, sliced ​​into small round crab

  2. Eggs are broken into egg liquid and mixed with a spoonful of water. (The egg flower that comes out is very beautiful.)

  3. The pot is boiled in water, and when it is half-opened, it can be put into the mushroom-flavored pill. When it is fully open, the seaweed and the shrimp skin are put together and boiled until the water is opened for the second time.

  4. First put the seasoning, then into the egg flower, put the crab slices, a small amount of lettuce, it will turn off within 2 seconds. Then add the shallot, a small amount of white pepper can be eaten

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