Recipe: Gongmao cabbage porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Gongmao cabbage porridge


Porridge is the warmest and most welcoming food. Whether it is simple millet porridge or a variety of tidal casserole porridge, it has the power to soothe people. Because I usually go to work, I rarely have time to porridge. So taking advantage of a pot of porridge on the weekend, you can satisfy your meal for a day.



  1. The rice is washed clean and soaked in water for half an hour. Wash the scallops.

  2. Dip the rice well, add a teaspoon of cooking oil and mix well, pour into the pot (if there is a casserole, no casserole can be used in ordinary soup pots), add water and scallops. The ratio of rice to water is 1:6

  3. Boil the fire on a big fire. When cooking, be sure to hold the large spoon and stir it to stir it.

  4. Add boiled pills after boiling and turn to low heat. Some people say that when you have a small fire, don't stir it, but my family's pot doesn't make it. Why even a small fire will bottom out, so I will stir it every few minutes.

  5. When cooking the meatballs, you can process the cabbage. Wash the cabbage and separate the stems and leaves. The stem is cut into small pieces and the leaves are chopped.

  6. When the rice in the pot begins to be boiled, you can throw the stem of the cabbage into it~ After two or three minutes, throw the leaf into it. Turn off the heat, add sesame oil and salt to taste, eat and eat.


1. Gongmao can be cooked for a while, it is best to boil the gravy, 吼吼~2. The scallop itself has saltiness and will cook slowly, so the last salt does not need to be added too much.

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